1. My boss, Mr. Thomson, is known _____ his sudden bursts of anger at his employees.

  a) during

  b) as

  c) along

  d) for


answer. d)

be known for ~ 는 '~로 알려지다' 라는 의미이고, 이때 전치사 for 는 "원인, 이유" 표현

be known as ~ 는 '~로서 알려지다' 라는 뜻이며, 이때 as 는 "자격, 신분"을 나타냅니다.

2. The parole board has finally come to a _____ on the prisoner's latest appeal for early parole.

  a) decisive

  b) decidedly

  c) decide

  d) decision


answer. d)

parole board 가석방 위원회 / appeal 청원



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