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천재(김진완) | Unit 5. We are All Different.

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작성자 EMP Master (222.♣.177.♣) 작성일17-03-29 19:29 조회1,663회 댓글0건


A Street Full of Colors


Ms. Rainbow lived on a neat street. All the houses on the street were the same. The people liked their neat street and houses.


One day, a bird flew over Ms. Rainbow's house with a can of paint. But he dropped it right on the roof! A big splash of orange paint was on the neat roof. Ms. Rainbow didn't like it at first, but soon she got an idea. She painted the house red, blue, green, yellow, and orange. Her house was like a rainbow!


The next morning, the neighbors said, "Look at that house! It isn't neat anymore." Most of them didn't like her house. but Mr. Captain liked it.


The next day, Mr. Captain build a ship in his yard. He painted it blue, yellow, and red. It showed his dream. The neighbors saw his ship. Some complained about it, but many others liked it.


A few days later, Ms. Park bought two benches and put them in the garden. She painted them pink and yellow.


More and more people changed their houses. The street was no longer "neat," but it sure was full of dreams.









neat   깔끔한     flew   fly의 과거형     drop   ~을 떨어 트리다

roof   지붕     splash   얼룩     neighbor   이웃

build   (건물을) 짓다, (프로그램을) 만들다     ship   배     yard   마당

show   보여주다     saw   see의 과거형     complain   ~을 불평하다

other(s)   다른     a few days later   며칠 후     bought   buy의 과거형

more and more   점점 더 많은     change   ~를 변화 시키다     street   거리

no longer   더 이상 ~ 하지 않는     be full of   ~으로 가득 차다

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