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천재(김진완) | Unit 4. At the School Festival

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작성자 EMP Master (222.♣.177.♣) 작성일17-03-29 19:28 조회1,625회 댓글0건


Dalguk's Special Day


Today is Mirae Middle School's festival. It has many interesting events. Some students sing and dance. Others put on a magic show or a fashion show. Everyone has a good time at the festival.


It is a special day for Dalguk, too. He is going to sing in the choir. He will sing part of a song alone. The choir has its last practice in the music room. Dalguk stands up and sings his part. But then, something happens. Hiccup! Hiccup!


"Drink some water," says Mr. Jang, the music teacher. Dalguk gets a drink. Hiccup!


"You should hold your breath," says Taeho. Dalguk holds his breath. His face turns red. Hiccup!


Everyone is worried. "We only have ten minutes. We should hurry," says Mr. Jang. "BOO!" shouts Hobin. Dalguk jumps up. "Don't scare me," he says. Everyone waits. Hiccup!


"Tickle him!" says Mina. So, everyone tickles Dalguk. "Ha ha ha! Don't do that!" He runs away.


"Time to go!" shouts Mr. Jang. "Listen. My hiccups are gone!" says Dalguk. "Hooray!" everyone shouts.


The choir goes into the hall. Mr. Jang raises his arms. Dalguk smiles. He is ready for his part. The music begins, and Dalguk sings. But soon, hiccup!






festival   축제     event   행사     put on   공연하다, 상영하다

choir   합창단     practice   연습     his part   그의 부분 (맡은 부분)

hold   잡다     hold one's breath   ~의 숨을 참다     turn   변하다

shout   소리치다     jump up   뛰다, 점프하다     scare   놀라게 하다

wait   기다리다     tickle   간지럽히다     run away   도망치다

hall   강당     raise   ~을 들어 올리다

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