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천재(김진완) | Unit 3. Go Out and Get Sunlight !

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작성자 EMP Master (222.♣.177.♣) 작성일17-03-29 19:28 조회1,982회 댓글0건


Let's Talk about Outdoor Activities


Let's meet some students in the park and ask them about outdoor activities.


What are you doing now? Do you do that often?


Katie :  I am playing soccer with my friends. I am a member of the school soccer club. I play soccer after school from Monday to Friday. Teamwork is very important. So, I never miss practice. We will have a big match soon. I am doing my best.


Chris :  I am playing tennis. It is fun. I take lessons after school twice a week. My coach says, "You are getting better. You will be a great tennis player someday." I move a lot and laugh a lot. My stress goes away.


Paul :  I am playing a game with my cell phone. I don't exercise very often. So, I am getting fat. I am always tired. I will start in-line skating this summer.


Dr. Jackson's Advice :  Do you play computer games or watch TV in your free time? You need sunlight and outdoor activities. Go out and get some exercise. You will feel great and won't get sick easily.









ask A about B  물어보다 A에게 B에 대하여       outdoor 외부(야외)의       activity  활동

often  종종, 자주       soccer  축구       member  회원       important  중요한       miss  ~에 빠지다       match  경기, 성냥       do one's best  최선을 다하다       play + 스포츠 종목  ~ 경기를 하다       take lessons  수업을 받다       twice 두 차례, 두 번       coach  코치       get better  나아지다       someday  언젠가       laugh  웃다       go away  사라지다       exercise  연습하다, 운동하다       get fat  뚱뚱해지다       Advice  조언       advise  조언하다       free time  여가시간       get sick  아프다       easily = easy + ly  쉽게 (형용사 + ly = 부사)

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