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천재(김진완) | Unit 2. What do you do at home?

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Junha's Promises


Junha comes home from school around 4 o'clock.


He has a lot of homework, and he is very tired. He puts his bag on the floor. Then he hangs his school uniform on the chair. He takes off his socks and throws them onto the bed. His jeans, pants, and shirts are already on the bed.


He looks around the room and says, "I'm tired." Then he goes to sleep.


Junha's dad wakes him up. Junha looks at the clock. It's 7:30.


Junha says loudly. "Oh, no! I'm late, Dad. Where is my uniform? Where is my bag?"


Then his dad says, "Junha, you don't need them. It's 7:30 in the evening!"


Junha's dad looks around his room and takes out a list.


He says, "Do you remember this list?"


"Yes, I do," Junha says in a low voice.


Junha's Promises

• Every day, I will clean my room.

• Every day, I will feed the dog.

• Every week, I will do the dishes after dinner on Fridays.

• Every week, I will clean the living room on Sundays.


Mom & Dad's Wish

• Read one book a week












tired  피곤한     put A on B  A를 B에 두다     hang  걸다

school uniform  교복     take off  (옷을) 벗다, (비행기가) 이륙하다

take out  꺼내다     throw  던지다     look around  주변을 둘러보다

look at  (자세히) 보다, 관찰하다     loudly  큰 소리로

need  필요(로) 하다     remember  기억하다  (↔반) forget  잊어버리다

low  낮은     voice  목소리, 소리     feed  먹이를 주다

do the dishes  설거지를 하다     dinner  저녁(식사)

living room  거실

월요일 :                    화요일 :                    수요일 :                    

목요일 :                    금요일 :                    토요일 :                    

일요일 :                    

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