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중3 영어

천재(정사열) | Special Lesson 1. Maui and the Tsunami

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Maui and the Tsunami



[All the people are getting ready for a festival. There's a yellow corn field and a house behind it. A small fire is burning in front of the house.]

Maui: [sadly] Father, tell me again about Grandfather.

Maui's Father: Everyone in our village remembers your grandfather. He was the man who taught us how to grow corn so well. Everyone respected him because he was so smart. I know that you miss him.

Maui: Yes, I miss seeing him in our fields each day and hearing his stories.


[Maui's mother steps out of the house.]

Mau's Mother: There you two are! I hate seeing you hanging around! We have a lot of do today, you know. Get to work! Am I the only one who knows what to do around here?

Maui's Father: Maui and I were just talking about Grandfather.

Maui's Mother: Yes, we all miss Grandfather, Maui. Still, we remember him every day by doing things the way he taught us.

  [to Maui's father] OK, that's enough memories for today. I need your help inside.

Maui's Father: Yes, I will come with you, dear.

Maui's Mother: [gives fruit to Maui] Maui, I want you to take this fruit to the sea and wash and dry it by the time I return.

[Maui's mother walks out.]

Maui's Father: You know how she gets before a festival. I had better go help her.

[Maui's father quickly runs out after Maui's mother.]

[Maui holds the fruit and walks slowly across the stage. He feels the earth shake under his feet, but no one else seems to notice.]

Maui: [surprised] WHAT was THAT? The earth MOVED!

[The earth moves again. The actors drop what they are carrying. The movement stops and the villagers start to laugh.]

Maui: Wait! The earth MOVED under my feet! I think it WAS an earthquake!

Villager 1: Come on, Maui! You are always thinking the worst.

Villager 2: We have not had an earthquake in a long time. What makes you think we are going to have one now?

Villager 1: You just don't know how to have fun, Maui. Always working, just like your grandfather.

[All of the villagers pick up what they dropped and start to go about their work again.]

Maui: [loudly] Wait! I see the houses below have moved! Look! The sea has turned black. Now it looks like the sea is running back, away from our village! [to himself] Now I remember what Grandfather said! The sea would turn black and run away from the beach just before… just before… a TSUNAMI!

[All villagers walk to where Maui is standing.]

Villager 1: LOOK! I have never seen anything like this before! Look how far the sea has pulled back! We can see parts of the beach that we never saw before!

Villager 2: Yes! Let's go to the beach right away. Imagine all of the fish we will be able to find! We will have the best festival ever!

[As the villagers are leaving the stage, Maui tries to stop them.]

Maui: WAIT! Wait everyone! Come! Come! There is a terrible danger! My grandfather told me that this is just what happens before a TSUNAMI!!

Villager 2: What are you talking about, Maui? Wait… are you trying to keep us away so you can get all the fish for yourself?

Maui: No! No! You don't understand! You must run away! Up to the mountain! Everybody!

[All the villagers leave the stage. Only the village boy stays on the stage. Maui walks around the stage. He looks nervous. Then Maui stops in front of the fire.]

Maui: I got it! I have to do it. I hope this will work.

[Maui starts to set fire on the corn field in several places. Then he runs to the front of the stage.]

Maui: FIRE! FIRE! Everyone, run to the mountain! Quick!

[Runs off stage]

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