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Carrots, Eggs, Coffee Beans

  "Mom, I don't know what to do with my school life." Miso told her mother crying. "I fought with Minji, the only friend in school. I got a terrible grade on my last exam. The teachers don't understand me…. I think I have to give up. I'm tired of everything. Why are things so hard for me?"

  Her mother took her to the kitchen. She filled three pots with water. In each pot, she placed carrots, eggs, and coffee beans. She boiled them without saying a word. After about thirty minutes she turned off the gas.

   She took the carrots, the eggs and the coffee beans out and placed them in a bowl. "Tell me, what do you see?" she asked. "Carrots, eggs, and coffee beans," Miso replied.

  Her mother brought them closer to her and asked her to feel the carrots that had become soft. She then asked her to break one of the hard-boiled eggs, and feel the inside. Finally, she asked her to taste the coffee. Miso smiled, as she tasted its nice and rich flavor.

  Miso then asked. "What's your point, Mom?"

  "The carrots, the eggs, and the coffee beans had faced the same serious problem - boiling water, but each had a different result," her mother explained.

  "The carrots went in hard, but in the boiling water they got soft and became weak. Like the carrots, you start tough and strong, but you get very tired, lose hope and give up."

  "The eggs went in soft. However, after some difficulty, they became hard inside. You can start with a soft heart, but end up very hard and unfeeling inside. You hate others, even yourself. There is no warm feeling, only anger and hate."

  "The coffee beans were unique, however. They weren't changed by the hot water. Instead, they actually changed the hot water into good coffee. You can make something good from the difficulties you face. They give you the chance to become stronger, wiser, and better."

  "When things do not go well, which do you want to be?" she asked her daughter. "Carrots, eggs, or coffee beans?"

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