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천재(정사열) | Lesson 4. Open Your Heart

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작성자 EMP Master (222.♣.177.♣) 작성일17-03-29 19:20 조회2,229회 댓글0건


An Invitation


Characters: Jin, Dale, Mario, Music Teacher



  Sunday morning. There are lots of booths in the city square.

  [Two boys walk around, and see something going on.]


Jin: What is it?

Dale: It says here that it's the Seoul International Festival!

Jin: Let's take a look.



  In the tent. There are many booths from different countries.

  [Dale and Jin take a look around. They see a boy playing a panpipe. It is Mario from their same school class. Mario suddenly looks at them. He stops playing the panpipe and turns away.]


Dale: Did he see us?

Jin: I am not sure. You know he's very shy. Let's go in the booth and take a look.



  At the Peruvian booth.

  [Mario shows the visitors some pictures and works of art from Peru. A visitor points at the panpipe.]


Visitor: I saw you playing the zampona. Would you play it for us?


  [Mario silently picks up the panpipe. He plays "El Condor Pasa." He seems to enjoy himself. When he finishes, people applaud. Dale and Jin go up to Mario.]


Jin: Hey, it was you!

Mario: Oh, hi.

Dale: I liked your playing. It was so beautiful.

Jin: How do you make the sound?


  [Mario teaches Dale and Jin how to play the panpipe.]


Dale: Wow, it's fun. I want to learn some more.

Jin: Me, too. Could you teach us more?

Mario: Sure.



  At school in music class.

  [Mario comes up to the front and starts singing. His voice is too quite. The teacher stops him.]


Music Teacher: Mario. Could you sing a little louder?


  [Mario does not sing any louder. The teacher stops him again.]


Music Teacher: I'm sorry. I can't give you a grade for this. Do you have another song?


  [Mario does not say anything. After a few seconds, Jin raises his hand and says.]


Jin: Mario plays the Peruvian panpipe. Maybe he can play the song with the panpipe.

Music Teacher: Can you, Mario?

Mario: [in a very small voice] Yes.


  [Mario goes back to his seat and takes out the panpipe. He plays the song and the whole class becomes quiet. When he finishes, the students applaud.]


Music Teacher: That was great, Mario. Frankly speaking, I didn't expect you to be that good. Arirang with the Peruvian panpipe was unique.



  After the music class.


Mario: Thank you, Jin. You helped me big time.

Jin: No problem.

Mario: Would you two like to come to my house after school today? Let's practice the panpipe together at my house.

Dale, Jin: Sure! Why not?


  [Dale, Jin, and Mario walk out of the classroom, with their arms around each other.]

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