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천재(정사열) | Lesson 3. Mistakes in Movies

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Mistakes in Movies

  Watching movies is fun. People enjoy movies in different ways. Some people enjoy the stories or the special effects of the movies. Others enjoy seeing their favorite stars on the screen. But there is another fun way : finding the mistakes in the movies.

  Mistakes have always been in the movies. Thanks to technology, however, people can watch the same scene repeatedly and find more mistakes. Besides, the Internet makes it easier to share what they find with others online. As a result, finding mistakes in movies has become very popular these days.

  Here are some examples. Try to find the mistakes for yourself. The higher the stages you clear, the more fun you'll get!


Stage 1

  In the first scene, a man is getting on a plane. Then in the second scene, the plane is flying. What is strange?

  Did you get it? The strange thing is that the numbers on the plane changed. They used two different planes in the movie scenes.


Stage 2

  In this movie, a bad man was thrown into the windows. Watch carefully. What happened next?

  What was broken in the first scene was fixed right away in the next scene.

  The window was fixed so fast, wasn't it?


Stage 3

  Look at the two men here. They were standing side by side when one of them was shot. What happened next?

  It's getting more difficult.

  However, you've got the right answer again!

The left one was shot, but the right one fell down.


Stage 4

There is a different kind of mistake in this scene. What is it?

Great! You found him.

There's a cameraman in the left part of the scene.


Final Stage

  Look at the picture. Can you find anything wrong in the scene?

  Remember, the setting of the movie is in Rome in AD 180. Now, it's your turn to find the mistake. Check the part that doesn't seem right.


  All cleared? You're smart!


  Many film makers may be unhappy with this "mistake hunting" in their movies, but it has some good sides, too. Thanks to it, they may try harder to make fewer mistakes when they make movies. However, don't be disappointed. Mistakes will happen just like when you learn English because making movies is a very tough job.

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